Premium partner programme

up to


Revenue Share up to 70%

Instant partner commission

Loyalty programme up to 20%

of the total partner commission

Calculate your partner commission

The more your clients invest, the more commission you get

Total lots of Total stocks of 
  • Currencies
  • Metals
  • Indices
  • Stocks

Only Top 8 instruments out of 10,000 are presented as an example.

Only Top 6 instruments out of 10,000 are presented as an example.

Only Top 7 instruments out of 10,000 are presented as an example.


Loyalty programme

Total VIP programme commission with loyalty income




VIP programme


Loyalty programme

The commission is calculated based on the bank's revenue.

The data is provided for illustrative purposes only. The amount of the bank's revenue on certain types of accounts or for certain instruments is subject to change.

Why RM Investment Bank Partner programme?


    No Payout Limits
    No restrictions on the maximum payments per month or per client.


    Daily Payments
    We automatically transfer your partner commission to your account on a daily basis.


    No Deals Restrictions
    We pay for all deals without any limits.


    We have the know-how to convert traffic from all kinds of advertising channels and platforms.


    24/7 Support
    RM Investment Bank Support is available 24/7 to your assistance.


    Simple Analytics
    The Partner can receive the complete information about clients they attracted in the corresponding sections of Members Area in real-time.

Loyalty programme

RM Investment Bank Loyalty programme will help to increase your profit up to 20%.

The programme implies that the partner will get an additional percentage of the total sum of the partner commission received by them on monthly results.

  • Your profit
    100 - 500 USD


    Payout up to

    50 USD

  • Your profit
    500 - 30,000 USD


    Payout up to

    4,500 USD

  • Your profit
    more than 30,000 USD


    Payout starting from

    6,000 USD

Loyalty programme payouts are transferred automatically to the partner’s account on a monthly basis.

Boost your profit by 2.5x times

with increased markup client accounts

times profit

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Receive a multi-level commission by choosing the “VIP” or “Expert” programme

Choose one out of two partner programme schemes and start earning on the profits from your clients' investments!

  • VIP2 levels
  • Expert5 levels

"VIP" programme

Within the frameworks of our "VIP" programme, you can receive the partner commission in the amount of up to 70% of the Company’s revenue for your “direct” clients (1st level) and 10% of the commission received by your sub-partners (2nd level).

  • 1st level

    up to 70%*

    of RM Investment Bank’s revenue for “direct” clients.

  • 2nd level


    of your sub-partners’ commission.

* - 70% commission is available only on client's partners accounts. See the full commission table here.

“Expert” programme**

Our 5-level “Expert” programme implies a multi-level partner commission – 35% of the Company’s revenue for your direct clients and an additional percentage from the commission of your sub-partners of different levels. The key task of partners on each level is to attract direct clients to regular investing.

  • 1st level


    of the Company’s revenue.
    Direct clients.

  • 2nd level


    of sub-partners’ commission.

  • 3rd level


    of sub-partners’ commission.

  • 4th level


    of sub-partners’ commission.

  • 5th level


    of sub-partners’ commission.

** - to receive the “Expert” status", contact the Partnership department after registering at the Company. The "Expert" programme conditions are a promotional offer and will be available until the end of 2022.

Earn up to 84% of the commission

Leave your contact information or contact our Partnership department by yourself and we will tell you everything about the ways to earn money with RM Investment Bank partner programmes and help you take the first steps to success.

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