Make your investment operations automatic in multi-asset platform R StocksTrader in three simple steps:

  • Create your investment strategy from the scratch or chose one from the list of ready templates.

  • Test it and customize for different markets.

  • After making sure that the algorithm is efficient, run it.

Opportunities of automated investing in R StocksTrader


    High order execution speed

    The fact that all strategies are run on the server makes order execution speed much higher in comparison with algorithms that operate in investment terminals.


    Efficient backtesting

    R StocksTrader allows to analyze historical data that goes back to 1970 for back testing your long-term strategies.


    Risk management

    Keep control over unrealized P/L in each of your strategy as early as when you’re testing them.


    Unlimited number of robots

    Create and run as much investment robots as you need.

How to create an investment robot:

Step 1

Open “Strategies” section in R StocksTrader platform.

Step 2

Click “Add new”, specify your robot’s name and description.

Step 3

Add all necessary rules and technical indicators. More information about parameters to be set for an investment robot can be found here.

Step 4

Save and test the strategy you created.


New generation platform R StocksTrader

R StocksTrader web terminal provides RM Investment Bank clients with access to all major markets from any device. The platform combines cutting-edge functionality and a convenient classic design.

  • Access from anywhere in the world.
  • Settings customization.
  • One-Click Investing.
  • 24/7 online support.