How to open a RM Investment Bank account

Opportunities of Members Area

  • Managing accounts

  • Depositing/withdrawing funds

  • Accessing transaction history

  • Investing

  • Studying new instruments

What investment platform do I choose?

Before starting your journey on financial markets, you have to choose any investor’s key tool, a terminal.

  • Perfect solution for mobile investors

    • 13 technical indicators
    • 9 tools for graphic analysis
    • Convenient account management
    • Analytics from our experts
    • Absolutely free
  • Terminal from RM Investment Bank

    • Access to all major financial markets using a familiar browser.
    • Creating investment robots with the help of built-in strategy builder, which requires no programming skills.
    • "One-Click Investing" feature to save your time and simplify the position opening procedure.
  • Multi-platform charting service

    • Access to powerful charts
    • Data for real-time analysis
    • Social network for investors

What account type should a beginner choose?

The first investing account will be opened automatically when a client registers a Members Area.

What is the credit line?

The credit is a chance to expand your investment opportunities using borrowed funds. As a rule, its value reflects the ratio between your own and borrowed funds. For example, the credit line 1:5 means that you can invest 5 times more money than the amount of funds you invested.

When investing on Demo accounts, you can choose the maximum permissible credit line up to 1:100 and assess all opportunities provided by borrowed funds.

Have you found answers to all your questions? Excellent!

So, it means that you’ve chosen a type of your first investment account, its base currency, and a proper investment platform.


To start investing, download the terminal you chose before and start gaining your first investment experience together with RM Investment Bank!

How do I deposit funds to my account?

Login to your Members Area and go to

  • Funds
  • Deposit/Withdrawal
  • Deposit funds

Choose a convenient payment system and make a payment.
The deposited funds will be displayed in "My accounts" section and the investment terminal interface.

How much money do I need to start investing?

To start investing, it will be enough to deposit the minimum required amount, which is 100 USD. However, if you want to get sizable profit, this sum won’t be enough. The maximum recommended amount of funds to be deposited in investing in the first stage may be 20% of all your financial savings. It’s not wise to invest more than that until you get stable skills and experience.

Why do I have to verify my account?

The verification procedure is intended for increasing the protection level of your funds and Members Area. This procedure a compulsory condition to start working with RM Investment Bank.

More questions?