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RM Investment Bank platforms

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RM Investment Bank offers its clients several types of accounts and they can choose the one that is the most suitable for them.

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An account with the tightest spreads available at RM Investment Bank. It is suitable for both stocks and currency markets.

  • Initial deposit100 USD
  • Execution typeMarket Execution
  • SpreadsFloating from 0 pips
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R StocksTrader

The first choice of stock investors. Allows investing through the R StocksTrader web platform and the R StocksTrader mobile app.

  • Initial deposit100 USD
  • Execution typeMarket Execution
  • SpreadsFloating from 0.1 pips
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The most common account type amongst RM Investment Bank investors. It provides access to a wide range of instruments.

  • First deposit100 USD / 100 EUR / 100 GBP
  • Execution typeMarket Execution
  • SpreadsFloating from 1.3 pips


Currency market is opened 24/5 and considered to be the largest and most liquid investment facility in the world. The turnover is more than 4 trillion Dollars per day and this number is more than any other market. Foreign exchange market is intended for buying and selling different global currencies, which are paired into single investment instruments. For example, the Euro vs. the US Dollar (EURUSD). One of the currencies is a good, the other one is a tool for paying for this good. The profit form investing is gained due to the currency exchange rate change to one of the directions as the time goes by.

One can invest on the currency market even without significant investments, because most of the banks provide credits for investors. Thanks to this, investors can perform operations that involve bigger amounts of money than they actually have on their accounts. The credit may increase the profit an investor receive from transactions, but at the same time it may increase their losses as well.

There is a wide range of currency pairs available for investing. They are divided into three groups:

  • Majors – instruments containing the USD and currencies of other advanced countries (USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc.).
  • Crosses – currency pairs without the USD (AUDCAD, AUDNZD, EURJPY, etc.).
  • Exotics – instruments that contain the USD and currencies of less developed countries (USDRUB, USDMXN, etc.)

Choosing an instrument that might be the best for you is not an easy task. It’s necessary to study the market and analyze a lot of characteristics of different currency pairs, such as:

  • Whether the chosen instrument is easy to analyze or not.
  • How significantly force-majeure circumstances may influence it.
  • Volatility (highly-volatile currency pairs are perfect for intraday investing, but beginners are recommended to use instruments with low volatility).
  • Investment sessions (some currency pairs are more active during the American session, while others – the European or Asian ones).
  • Spread values, etc.

Majors are the most popular with investors. Crosses are not so active and invested in less often. Exotics are marked by low liquidity and large spreads. They are quite difficult to predict, that’s why they are not too attractive for investments. Every investor makes their choice based on personal experience, investment strategies, and risk management systems.

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