How does it work?

Informers provide visitors of partner websites with the opportunity to follow the latest information: online quotes, analytical reviews, and the Economic calendar. Visitors can successfully use informers for receiving more detailed information by clicking them and going to the RM Investment Bank website. Getting interested in the company’s investment conditions, visitors can register. We’ll get new clients and you’ll receive daily payouts within the frameworks of our Partner programme.

Why are informers effective?

  • Attract users’ attention

    Data is placed in a compact and easy-to-use form.

  • Don’t ruin the website design stylistics

    Widgets look like page elements but not ads.

  • Have flexible settings

    You can customize widgets according to your preferences.

How to place informers from RM Investment Bank on your website?

  1. Find the chosen informer’s HTML code
    in your Members Area

    On the “Informers” page of your Members Area, choose an informer, customize it as you find fit, and copy its HTML code from the “Embed code” field.

  2. Paste it into your website’s
    source code

    Paste the copied HTML code of the chosen informer into your website’s source code and in a while, it will be seen by all visitors.