Currency Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating what is happening on the market right now and might happen in the future on the basis of external events and factors. For the currency market, such factors are news, economic and financial statistics, meetings of global Central banks, and speeches delivered by their representatives. Fundamental approach allows to analyze both short- and long-term perspectives.


AUD hits a new low. Overview for 07.09.2023

AUDUSD is on a steep downward trajectory.

JPY devaluation persists. Overview for 07.09.2023

USDJPY continues to update the peaks of 10 months.

AUD is plummeting. Overview for 06.09.2023

AUDUSD is falling under the pressure of the prevailing global risk-off sentiment.

JPY: a new slump. Overview for 06.09.2023

The USDJPY pair has reached new highs.

AUD interests the bears. Overview for 05.09.2023

AUDUSD resumes its decline after a period of consolidation.

EUR is struggling to find balance. Overview for 05.09.2023

EURUSD remains under pressure.

EURUSD attack by the bears. Overview for 04.09.2023

The EURUSD pair moved lower under the influence of market expectations.

EUR is under pressure again. Overview for 01.09.2023

EURUSD remains in a turbulent phase.