Sponsor - RoboMarkets Ltd

2019 - to date


BMW M Motorsport

RoboMarkets Ltd is the Premium Partner of BMW M Motorsport, a team with outstanding history and winning traditions. The exciting world of motorsport is full of passion, thrill, and adrenaline. And BMW M Motorsport has been an essential part of this world for almost 50 years, taking an active part in car races all over the world and successfully representing the German car manufacturer.


24-hour Nürburgring race


BMW M2 Cup races

Sponsor - RoboMarkets Ltd

2019 - to date


RoboMarkets AEL

RoboMarkets Ltd is an Official sponsor of “RoboMarkets AEL”, the team that holds leading positions in the women’s volleyball of the Republic of Cyprus. The team has won a lot of regional and international competitions, including 29 titles of the women’s volleyball Championship of Cyprus.


winner of the volleyball Championship of Cyprus


winner of the volleyball Championship of Cyprus


winner of the volleyball Super Cup of Cyprus

Sponsor - RoboMarkets Ltd



“Autolife” team in the 2019 racing season

In 2019, RoboMarkets Ltd was a Platinum partner of the "Autolife" team. In the past, we supported the team at the "Dakar 2017" rally. After a couple of years of training, “Autolife” is back on the list of participants of the major competitions with a new car, Toyota Hilux Overdrive, which is nicknamed “The Mighty Bumblebeast”. The team consisting of Roman Starikovich and Bert Heskes is ready to scale the loftiest heights in car racing from pole to pole, including the oncoming "Dakar 2020".


"Greece Offroad" Rally

Sponsor - RoboMarkets Group

2018 - to date


Muay Thai fighter and coach
Andrei Kulebin

RoboMarkets Group is the official sponsor of an ambitious Muay Thai fighter and coach Andrei Kulebin from Belarus. Over the years of his outstanding competitive career, he has become a many-time Thai boxing world champion, an Honored Master of Sports, and won more than 200 fights in different competitions.


World champion (IFMA, IPCC, WAKO, WKN, WMC, WMF)


Europe champion (IFMA, WKN)


Sponsor - RoboMarkets Ltd

2018 - 19 season


A multiple winner of the LKL BC Žalgiris

RoboMarkets Ltd was the official sponsor of the oldest and most awarded Lithuanian basketball club Žalgiris (Kaunas). Žalgiris is multiple winner of the Lithuanian Championship and the LKF Cup. The team ranked third in the EuroLeague in 2017-18 season, which was the highest achievement in the EuroLeague since the team won it in 1999.


Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) Winner


Baltic Basketball League (BBL) Winner


Sponsor - RoboMarkets Group

Auto racing

"Starikovich-Heskes" race team at the Dakar 2017

RoboMarkets Group was the official sponsor of the race team from the republic of Cyprus called "Starikovich-Heskes Team" at the Dakar 2017 rally. The team’s pilot Roman Starikovich is a professional racer, whose driving skills conquered more than 60,000 kilometers of wild roads in Europe, Africa, and Australia.

More than

60,000 km

over rough and smooth in Europe, Africa, and Australia

Sponsor - RoboMarkets Ltd

2016 - to date


The Limassol Police football team

RoboMarkets Ltd is the official sponsor of the Limassol Police football team. This sponsorship is another confirmation of the Company's commitment to conduct honest and legal activities in all spheres of today's society.


Police Friendship Tournament


Cypriot government institutions tournament




“Tenis PRO Život”, a tennis event sponsored by RoboMarkets Ltd, took place on September 15th 2018. The tournament was held in support of teenagers with cancer. The money donated during the event was transferred to help people with oncology diseases.